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Laugh at the men who tell you you’re pretty. You are more than that. - (via aureat)
Saturday hike.
  • I now know what I have to do. I can’t hold on anymore. I tried my best but I couldn’t make it work. Perhaps it was never meant to be….he was just a diversion to keep me from being hurt by the other one. I thought there was more purpose to how it all unfolded but I now see otherwise. Time to march on no matter how bittersweet the feeling is.

  • omg-relatable:

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    Was having yet another crappy Monday…. and then I saw this - still can’t stop laughing.

Thank you SomeEcards - you made my day.

(by in heaven)


Acceptance 🙋🔫 #lullabies #langleav #loveandmisadventures

Thanks for posting this lovely xo Lang 
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