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At least someone wants to cuddle and love me….ugh

Drunk on We Heart It.

When you have a broken heart,
you drink an endless amount
of alcohol to numb yourself
and forget that you ever allowed
someone else to touch the birth
mark you’re self-conscious about,
you throw up on white walls,
you buy extra mouth wash,
and play the same song for hours,
until listening to their favorite band
doesn’t hurt anymore.

When you have a broken heart,
you smoke like a movie star
in the 1940’s, and shove mints
into your mouth to fool your
family and friends for one more
week; you eat fast food and pile
up dirty cups in your room,
and it feels like people can’t help
to remind you of those ashy fingernails.

When you have a broken heart,
you will do things that nobody in your life
will understand; you’ll lose control
of your body, and slowly shed the
person you became when you were
in love to embark on a new journey.

- When you have a broken heart, Julian Budani (via youshouldacceptchaos)

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